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2021-09-14 Sketch

I’m somewhat tired at the moment – I haven’t really given myself a post-comic vacation with editing things for print. I want to draw but my brain feels exhausted. There is still much to do for convention season, wedding planning, potential December trip to Ireland, new job whenever that starts, and trying to feed a tired brain some mental nourishment. I know art is a […]


Week of: 2021-07-05

It was not a good start, even first half of the week, if I’m going to be brutally honest. I had a sore throat Sunday evening that turned into a throat infection (and I’m glad it didn’t spread because it certainly felt like it would have been a chest infection). It wasn’t COVID-19 thank goodness. I’d also, somehow, properly damaged a muscle on my upper […]


Neschume Sketch

I love it when you find a really fun pen in CLIP Studio (this one is a two-tone pen set to multiply/lower opacity). I wanted to push myself so challenged myself to use just one layer for non-pencils – I wasn’t allowed to use the eraser or blending tools either!