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2021-09-14 Sketch

I’m somewhat tired at the moment – I haven’t really given myself a post-comic vacation with editing things for print. I want to draw but my brain feels exhausted. There is still much to do for convention season, wedding planning, potential December trip to Ireland, new job whenever that starts, and trying to feed a tired brain some mental nourishment. I know art is a […]


Rebelle3 + Other EscapeMotions Stuff in Humble Bundle!! As some of you might know – a few years ago I picked up Rebelle3 (and upgraded recently to Rebelle4) and I think it’s the best thing on the market for digital watercolours as it does a great job of simulating watercolour pigment mixing (although Rebelle3 uses the RGB method rather than a more ‘natural’ colour mixing). If you’ve seen my old Kickstarter – […]


2020 Goals

Things I’d like to have achieved by the end of the year but won’t exactly cry about if I don’t make it – just little signs that I’m doing something right with the time that I have: Twitter Followers: 1000 (Currently: 830) Twitch Followers: 200 (Currently: 185) Patrons: 10 (Currently: 8)