I am deep in rewriting Chapter 11 of The Final Lullaby A LOT (it’s gone from 12 to 32 pages but its important because Horos is finally learning how to cast magic properly) – so I’ve taken to occasionally doodling in Rebelle5 and painting when I have the energy toContinue Reading

Nothing like telling yourself you’re on a hiatus to get the creative juices flowing, eh? It’s probably the stuff I’ve let myself do outside of comic work that’s stirring up the fire; Catching up with Department of Truth and other comics Playing Eldin Ring Working on my EQ and self-promoContinue Reading

It’s been a tough 2022 so far – new (full time) job, wedding planning, health issues (migraines, MRI – nothing to worry about), and family responsibilities. I haven’t had so many stressful events happening all at once since 2014 when I had to move house, start a new job, andContinue Reading

Happy Easter Sunday! I’ve been using the extended weekend to catch up on scanning in the postcards I’ve been working on over the last three weeks. The others will come soon but here’s the most recent 4 which I wanted to show off because they’re so different from the usualContinue Reading

Happy New Year! As is tradition for me – I’m starting with a clean site with best intentions. I want to make sure my best and most interesting work is put here and available to view. If you’re looking at this too early, you’ll notice that things like the shopContinue Reading