12/03/21 – What I’ve done in march so far

I’m going to try and keep doing a thing where I post what I’ve done each week outside of comic pages – mostly sketchbook work I suppose – although this week I’ve been doing more watercolours since I got the pages finished early. I read Witchblood #1 from Vault Comics (thanks M. Erman for sending the preview) and immediately had the desire to paint Yonna – and that kickstarted the joy of painting again.

I feel like my creativity is finally coming back – although I’ve not had many ideas for more full illustrative pieces. I guess I don’t mind since I already have enough on my plate with the things I need to do for the kickstarter campaign. One more SFW postcard to do (Adena) and then I have the more spicy ones to start work on – I need to re-do the pochades. I got a bit impatient and it all started bleeding and I couldn’t get the skin tones right.

Still, what I am thinking at the moment is doing a series of ‘fake’ comic covers to start building a portfolio and getting more practice for finished pieces in.

Other things done;

  • Migration to a new web host
  • Applying for SMH’s Mentorship Programme (fingers crossed)

The Final lullaby volume 1 is being kickstarted


i’ll be hitting launch on Sunday during the 7pm stream I usually do on Twitch. It’s generally a more chill affair so it’ll make a nice change to be on edge for the first few hours of the campaign ahah!

I’m excited – it’s been hard to get a much done while waiting for approval because this is my first kickstarter and the little voice that tells me I’ve messed up has been a little louder than usual – but now things are kinda settled and I can enjoy Saturday for real now.

But I’ve also been cracking on at the pages – and lemme tell you – I’m having a lot of fun with the ‘style’ of keeping colour to magic use only

2020 Goals

Things I’d like to have achieved by the end of the year but won’t exactly cry about if I don’t make it – just little signs that I’m doing something right with the time that I have:

Twitter Followers: 1000 (Currently: 830)

Twitch Followers: 200 (Currently: 185)

Patrons: 10 (Currently: 8)