Feff is a self-taught illustrator and Comic Creator based in Leeds, West Yorkshire (and originally from Middlesbrough).

Ever since she could pick up a pen, Feff has made a mark on any surface she could find (including windowsills – sorry Mam). She started making one-page comics after discovering comic books and video games. In school, Feff always carried sketchbooks and pencils in her school blazer pockets.

Even at university small sketchbooks lived constantly in her bag. She finds light doodling useful to stay focused during boring lectures. Naturally, her course notes were also littered with doodles. In shared accommodation, she doodled on bottles of milk as an alternative method of labelling.

Feff has spent most of the last decade working full-time with data in roles that required surprising amounts of creativity. Despite this, the need to create artwork has remained a constant in her life. She has devoted thousands of spare hours to making comics, digital art, and watercolour paintings.

She also may have stolen a few hundred working hours doodling on work notes in meetings and when trying to solve a problem.

Feff believes this is due to the long-term anxiety she’s suffered since childhood. A chaotic childhood left Feff with some low level anxiety but art has always beena way to escape for a few hours a day. Feff believes life is beautiful, even in chaos, and strives to include this in her creations.

Watercolours have been a massive boon to Feff. She is a big fan of working wet-in-wet to allow pigments to blend as forces dictate. She likes to let watercolour ink run down pages, and she loves to finish off atmospheric pieces by sprinkling Brusho somewhere wet. She enjoys the colour explosion that happens on the paper, but she must remember to use masks more often!

Since 2017, Feff has been exhibiting at comic conventions and festivals, and has been running comic workshops around Yorkshire.

In July 2020, Feff, along with Jennie Gyllblad and Sarah Millman, founded the Association of Comic Creators. The AoCC is a global community for both mainstream and independent comic creators. It allows them a space to support each other and share knowledge to prevent exploitation within the industry. Feff is currently acting as the technical administrator. She maintains the community discord group and website.