Creative Burnout

It’s been a tough 2022 so far – new (full time) job, wedding planning, health issues (migraines, MRI – nothing to worry about), and family responsibilities. I haven’t had so many stressful events happening all at once since 2014 when I had to move house, start a new job, and lost two family members in the space of a month (and got unceremoniously dumped after the first).

I digress; after a few months of struggling with comic pages and paintings, I have to admit that I am very tired and burned out. The creative fire is more like embers at the moment, and I don’t have the space to refuel properly. Not right now, anyway.

So I’m on a drawing and painting hiatus, a holiday, until after the wedding (probably returning June). Then we shall try to reignite the creative fire and get the stream engine rolling on the ultimate dream; to be full-time self-employed again.

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