November Playtimes in Rebelle

Rebelle is one of the few digital programs where I find myself limiting the number of layers I’ll use, even for finished pieces, not just for the memory savings but because it’s way more fun to have the fluid dynamics do their thing on a single layer; blurring and blending and dripping. Losing lines, reintroducing them, essentially giving yourself that edge variation that makes ink and watercolours so interesting with what feels like little effort (Alex Powers alludes to this when comparing the effort for edge variation in watercolour and oils in their book ‘Painting People in Watercolor; A Design Approach‘)

What’s also fun is that I have always left the timelapse feature switched on for Rebelle, which means I can enjoy rewatching the fluid dynamics and appreciate and analyse my techniques in a way that you just can’t when you’re in the middle of making a painting.

I like to share things that give me joy, especially interestingly modelled fluid dynamics, so here’s a time-lapse of the most recent one-layer experiments (including the challenge drawing without pencil or guidelines); a cute little elf girl in the anime style I left a long time ago, but find myself coming back to from time to time because I still find it aesthetically pleasing.

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