I DO Love a Good View

I had dad and lil bro over for lunch yesterday for my birthday. I learned that when I was a baby I’d either just sleep (a lot) or try to look out of the nearest window to watch the world. I was not a loud child, it turns out!

I don’t know why but I felt really comforted knowing that my preference (at work or when travelling) to be at a window is something that comes from my very very early formative days!

As you can tell I’m quite reflective at the moment. I am still recovering from a mental health episode which generally puts me in that frame of mind to work out what’s gone wrong and what I want/need to bring back. Art has been slow again, so I’m focusing on retuning up my skills with no pressure to show anyone what I’m doing.

I miss when the only thing I worried about with my artwork was that I liked it. Social Media has done another number on my mindset (it’s almost impossible not to compare yourself to others), so I’m mostly stepping away from it to rediscover the joy of making just for me. My online social life is on Twitch and Discord and it’s much nicer that way!

Comic work is cracking on slowly for those worried about TFL Vol. 3! I’ve been sharing my comics at work and my grandgrand boss told me that what I’ve been aiming for throughout my working life (no more than 3 days employed) is called a Portfolio Career and she asked me if that’s what I wanted to work towards with her support! How exciting is that?!

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