Brush Up #6: Support and Solidarity – I’m gonna be on an online panel! Actually saying words too!

By Feff

Instead of trying to be my witty self in the chat box like I normally do…

Holy smokes! My face is gonna be out there and live and NOT on a twitch stream but actually talking about a theme that’s really important for us indie comic creators; support and solidarity!

The Society of Authors’ Comics Creator Network is hosting its final talk in the Brush Up series for Comic Creators; and yours truly will be there representing the Association of Comic Creators; that little grassroots safe space that myself , Jennie Gyllblad, and Sarah Millman made back in July of 2020 when comics had its #MeToo moment. I’ll be alongside fellow creators Alice Nuttall (our wonderful chair), Rachael Smith, and Charlotte Bailey to talk all things support and mental health.

There’s still time to get questions in if you’ve got any burning issues (or, maybe you could ask something light-hearted like what our favourite biscuit is or the classic horse-sized duck or duck-sized horses question). Either way, I’ll be there, being my Feffy-self so if you’ve missed my face and voice, you can see it on Zoom this Wednesday the 24th of November, at 8PM GMT.

Register here!

PS: If you are a UK-based comics creator I highly recommend joining the Comics Creators Network! There’s a whole host of benefits, but most importantly to us who often face indecipherable contracts there is access to legal advice helplines. Join with the code COMICS20 to get 20% off your membership.*

*Disclaimer: The AoCC works with the CCN as part of improving solidarity and transparency within the comics industry (since Jennie and I are both members of the CCN!).