12/03/21 – What I’ve done in march so far

I’m going to try and keep doing a thing where I post what I’ve done each week outside of comic pages – mostly sketchbook work I suppose – although this week I’ve been doing more watercolours since I got the pages finished early. I read Witchblood #1 from Vault Comics (thanks M. Erman for sending the preview) and immediately had the desire to paint Yonna – and that kickstarted the joy of painting again.

I feel like my creativity is finally coming back – although I’ve not had many ideas for more full illustrative pieces. I guess I don’t mind since I already have enough on my plate with the things I need to do for the kickstarter campaign. One more SFW postcard to do (Adena) and then I have the more spicy ones to start work on – I need to re-do the pochades. I got a bit impatient and it all started bleeding and I couldn’t get the skin tones right.

Still, what I am thinking at the moment is doing a series of ‘fake’ comic covers to start building a portfolio and getting more practice for finished pieces in.

Other things done;

  • Migration to a new web host
  • Applying for SMH’s Mentorship Programme (fingers crossed)

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