And what a relief it is.

It was really interesting coming back to the first chapter to add a few pages here and there to improve page layouts, the pacing, and made some minor improvements to the dialogue!

It was very difficult not to do it, but I managed to leave most of the anatomy mistakes I noticed in – if I made an effort to start fixing things up I’d never stop – and also I wouldn’t be able to look back and reflect on what strides I’ve made since.

What was fun was noticing that at some point I had switched from the ‘Cross’ toning layer mode to ‘Line’ for Horos’ hair – I’ve added it to the editing list to make sure that it’s all brought back to cross – as I think it looks better than the line mode. My guess is that it happened during one of the burnout phases in late 2019 or summer 2020.

When I first started making the pages for The Final Lullaby, I had a ‘it’ll take as long as it takes’ mentality – which you will be able to see in the outdoor scenes in Walpurgis Night, as compared to say, ‘Vampire Hunt’ and ‘Loveshack’. Though, it’s quite fun to see a little bit of a change in care with facial anatomy in the 2nd half of Walpurgis Night – I believe that I sped things up a bit to publish the ‘Walpurgis Night Pilot’ for Thought Bubble 2019. Then, following the kickstarter, I really needed to ramp up the rate (made easier by going fully self-employed) – but it been helpful for getting a good routine into place!

Not long to go on Volume 2’s pages either – just two chapters – somewhere around 40-44 pages depending on how the pacing goes from script to page!

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